Friday, September 4, 2015

Jakarta x Seoul Meet Up

People in this post : Pris, Dea, Me, and Kenny

I met these gorgeous people last month. I just have a time to post about this, right now. I feel so sorry for them because I delayed about this post for such a long time. But It's better rather than nothing. Now, I can sharing these photos with them via LINE. I had so many excuses going on because I did so many things lately, from fashion show - event live reports.

But hey, I'm gonna introduce my new friend, just call her Pris (her korean name is Lee Ye Eun). She is korean and currently being busy with her study and her youtube channel. Some of her videos are going viral in Indonesia. I actually planned to met her since few months ago, but she was in Korea (I wanted to met her for an interview). Accidentally Dea also knew her from social media, that's why she joined our meet up. Gladly, She came back for a moment to Indonesia because most of her family members are also staying in this country. If you want to check her youtube channel, just click here!

We just had lunch together. Me and Kenny was arrived first at the restaurant, Pris came 5 minutes after that, and Dea was just being a little bit stuck with the Jakarta horrifying traffic jam. Finally, Dea arrived probably 20 minutes after we already ordered our drinks and meals.

Nice to meet you guys, I feel so happy to find another social media mate. Especially because I tried so hard improving my Korean Language. Probably Pris could help me a little bit, lol!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Margareta Vania x The Faceshop Indonesia - Oil Control Water Cushion Launching

Casual OOTD :

Beanie - UNIQLO, Inner - ZARA, Outer - my own collection, Jeans - LEVI'S, Shoes - Charles & Keith, Clutch - Harahanation

// EVENT //





// ENDING //


It's a wrap guys! Such a great job for all the crews, this event was epic. I enjoyed my one cup of tea and listened to the amazing representatives who explain about The Faceshop new epic cushion product named Oil Control Water Cushion. Not only that, The Faceshop Indonesia also officially introduced the new Brand Ambassador, Kim Soo Hyun. I am such a big fan of him too. The reason is because Kim Soo Hyun is quite famous aka well known not only in Korea but also in Southeast Asia, including in Indonesia (you can find his standing figures almost everywhere inside malls in Indonesia, his face is totally everywhere.)

Comeback to the topic,... about the product it self, I already did a review and I mentioned about my opinion about it. You basically just need to click here to read the review before you buy your own Oil Control Water Cushion. I applied the Oil Control Water Cushion at 12:30 and the product still stayed on my face until 22:30 (WITHOUT ANY TOUCH UP). I WAS JUST DAMN, THIS IS SUCH AN EPIC PRODUCT. Just look at to my OOTD pictures up there, It was taken around 7 PM (after I got my dinner meals), the Oil Control Water Cushion was still there on my face... covering my imperfection.

I got so many freebies from them and I got my own printed photo from the photo booth facility. Guys, I couldn't say anything. I just want to say thank you for sent me an exclusive invitation, gave me the opportunity to tried the product first before public even knew it, gave me such a nice service at the venue, and amazing freebies. Thank you for treated my friend quite well too, because I sent an email that "I am going to bring my blogger partner to come with me, to help me do documentation." Yes, she's Lisa. My loyal blogger partner who always helps me taking blog pictures and many more. The crews showed us the special seated area, it was kinda organized.

Once again, thank you! I can't wait to support The Faceshop Indonesia for the future!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Beauty Review : The Faceshop Oil Control Water Cushion [V203 Natural Beige]

The package was arrived at my home last week. Glad to know that The Faceshop Indonesia realized how much I love their products. I am being one of several bloggers that get an exclusive opportunity to try this product first before any other people. Welcome to the beauty market, The Faceshop Oil Control Water Cushion! Luckily enough to be a fashion blogger who also does love to try beauty products. I will post more about the event in the next up coming post.

Back to the product review, I think this product is being my favorite. I try to use this product everyday (in a week). The Faceshop claims that this product can actually give you 3 important things :
  1. Moist Cover
  2. Fresh Fit - Cotton Skin
  3. Long-lasting freshness

As far as I use this product for at least one week, I don't get disappointed by this product. It does the job guys. Damn, I always fall in love with The Faceshop product. No guys,... They don't pay me to do this blog review. They just sent me the product and gave me an exclusive invitation. They don't give me any single penny.

Positive :
- It has SPF 50+ PA+++ (if you live in tropical country (summer weather) this is such a great product for you!)
- Moist Cover effect promotes healthy looking skin while covering your imperfections or hyper pigmentation.
- This product has ingredients that can do sebum control. Sebum control makes your makeup stay shine free.
- Sweat proof effect that can keep your makeup in a perfect condition for hours.
- It has *)Microfoam that keeps your makeup feel as fresh as when it is first applied to your skin. 
- Compact and travel friendly
- You can refill this product.

*)Microfoam cushion with cells that 4 times denser than any other conventional cush ion compacts. It helps protect the formula and active ingredients fresh. It also helps makeup go on evenly for more meticulous application and coverage.

Tips : Close the inner lid tightly to keep the formula fresh after using and put your cushion in the room temperature. 

Negative :
- There are no bigger skin color variations for this product. 
[I think, people who have darker skin color can't use this product. This product is way suitable for people who have typical range asian type of skin color. The target market is still for asian people who mostly come from Asia (such as South Korea, China, Japan, or other SEA Countries)]


Friday, August 28, 2015

Beauty Review : Everyday Minimal Makeup Routine 2015 [Makeup Tutorial]

PRODUCTS MENTIONED (click the link for several brands to see the reviews) :
  1. Skin Care from my dermatologist
  2. NIVEA Fruity Shine Lipbalm
  3. Tammia Mirror
  4. Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur [SPF 15 / PA+]
  5. PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix [SPF 30 / PA+++] (suitable for summer / people who live in tropical country)
  6. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder
  7. Tammia Powder Brush (extremely soft!)
  8. MAC Eyeshadow - Carbon 
  9. Eyebrow brush, I bought at SASA Hongkong Outlet
  10. Skin Food Coffee Creamy Color Fit Shadow - No.3 Purple Macchiato
  11. Skin Food Black Bean Eye Line Pencil - No.3 Brown
  12. Tammia Eyelash Curler (quite good to curl your lashes!)
  13. Maybelline New York The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara
  14. Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher - No.10 Peach Parfait
  15. Etude House Dear Darling Tint - No.4 Vampire Red

I did 2 makeup tutorials back then, but I wasn't that professional to record my own video. I was using my Macbook camera webcam few years ago. So lame :( Either now, I am not a professional Makeup Artist. I am just a girl who loves collect makeup and do makeup. I am a girl who loves to try beauty products and do review for my blog readers. I want to apologize if this makeup tutorial is way far from perfect and the camera angle is not that good.

Once again hey, I am trying to make my youtube channel growing bigger because I know some of you really love fresh idea and content. I can't rely everything based on my blog because some people here are just too lazy to read blog post. Youtube videos are the easiest solution to keep on track for what I am doing as Internet personality and blogger.

Enjoy watching!

My Journey to Central Java - VIDEO DIARY | Summer Road Trip 2015

VIDEO DIARY | Summer Road Trip 2015

Watch in HD!

Edited and Directed by : Margareta Vania
Music by : Rainbow Dip - Blue Satellite and Summer Sky - Bohkeh x Lavendaire
Casts : Margareta Vania and family members

I was going on Summer Road Trip with my family. I uploaded this video on July 18, 2015 via youtube and I actually forgot to feature this video on my blog. This video deserves more views. Because that's the point, I make this videos to share some epic destinations (especially for culinary) that located in Central Java, Indonesia. 

I will continue this hobby to make youtube videos, until I can't edit my own videos with my own hand. I do love capturing moments, I never know when my parents would be gone or etc. I can't predict my future and how our family is going to be like in the future. That's the reason why by making this video diary, I am drawing my own moments with my family.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 2015 : My Current Favorite Snacks x Deka Dua Kelinci

Special Note : 
I really want to post about this snack review since long time ago, but I do have another sponsorship contract to done for. Based on the professionalism, I need to get done some other company's product review in the first hand. I never lie to my blog readers about my product reviews (about beauty, fashion, accessories, restaurant / culinary, and all aspects are all true based in my own opinion).


Comeback again to the review, I've been craving for this snack (probably 2 months already). Dua Kelinci company sent these snacks for me. They're just so kind, weren't they? My favorites among all of these snacks are these two, Deka Choco Nut Crepes and Deka Choco Nut Wafer Roll. Chocolate and nut are a perfect combination for me. The Choco Banana crepes is also amazing.

I believe, you can get these snacks at any kind of mini markets or super markets. Even, I went to the nearest traditional market (not far away from my house) and I found out a lady who sold these snacks in her small snack store. I saw so many kids were also craving for these snacks there.

About the flavors are all good. When I ate these snacks, I didn't feel weird at all. You know, sometimes... You eat some snacks (biscuits / etc.), you'll get this weird feeling... just like,... factory snacks weird flavors combined together inside your mouth. Ewh! But, Deka snacks are not like that at all. I am being honest with you guys, these snacks are DA BOOM!

Because so many positive feedbacks that I can see, I do want to share this amazing new snack line from Dua Kelinci with a complete information based in my opinion to all of you guys! Hope you can try these snacks as soon as possible! Remember, the Choco Nut crepes and wafer roll are my favorites!