Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fabulous Retro

Glasses - Random Collection, Floral Turtle Neck Top - Chic Simple, Skirt - Contempo UNO

My mom gave this top for me, i don't why but it's actually hers. But now the top is mine, she said to me that this top actually was a dress at first but my mom cut it into a top. Well my mom is also a fashionista. Even her old fashion items are still in good condition. I share my fashion items also with my mom. Even i can borrow some clothes from my mom's closet. I feel the retro feeling when i remember about the my mom's fashion sense at the past through her old photo. Well she is fabulous! 

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Good luck and God Bless!

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    1. thankyou so much!
      visit again soon dear anny <3 love your blog too

  2. you look so cool, so stylish!!

    1. thankyou my dear, visit again soon! loeve your blog also!

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    1. thankyou my dear to drop your thought! xoxo

  4. so fab x
    you look stunning!